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    Q: Is Ona Tteats Honey Organic?

    A: We use organic ingredients whenever possible. Our honey in our Ona Treats is Organic.  


    Q: Is Honey Gluten Free?

    A: Yes, Honey is naturally gluten free.


    Q: Where is the honey from?

    A: Ona Treats uses an Organic honey from South America (Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay).


    Q: Is your shredded coconut sulfured?

    A: The shredded coconut that we use is unsweetened and sulfur free.


    Q: Is your cocoa sweetened?

    A: The cocoa powder we use is unsweetened and natural (not alkalized).


    Q: Does your coconut milk contain guar gum or any other preservative?

    A: No. All of our coconut milk is made in house using organic creamed coconut and water. 


    Q: Are your Ona bars organic?

    A: Yes.  All the ingredients in the nut bars are organic, except for the sea salt (which cannot be organic ever).


    Q: Are your honey cookies organic?

    A: All of the ingredients in the cookies are organic except for the almond flour, and sea salt.


    Q: Does your vanilla extract contain alcohol made from grains?

    A: No, The vanilla extract that we use contains an organic alcohol that is made from organic, non-gmo cane sugar.  There are no residual sugars left over from the distillation process.